Pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world!

Pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


      "This offensive action of which I speak is the combat of men strong in faith, courage and zeal, not for the weak, timid, lukewarm or cowardly that habitually turn a deaf ear to the Voice of the Vicars of Christ summoning good men to fight the battles of the Lord.  Nor is it the combat of men who are given to that impotent false piety that surrenders to the defeatist notion that there is nothing for us to do but wait for God’s chastisement to obliterate the modern madness, as if the Mystical, Magisterial Church of Our Lord was no longer the Church Militant – that is, always at war and always fighting.  If you happen to be of that way of thinking (do nothing but pray/do nothing but wait), don’t bother reading any further.  This letter is not for you.  You can go back to sleep now.  We apologize for having disturbed your slumber.   
      For the rest of you that are still with us, even if we knew with absolute certainty that Heaven’s final chastise-ment was to commence tomorrow, we are still duty bound to continue the work of Catholic Action today in order to defend the Faith, proclaim Christ’s Kingship and save as many souls as possible that would no doubt otherwise have been lost forever.  Such is the enormous importance of Catholic Action and the tremendous responsibility on our shoulders, the men of Catholic Action.  Such is why the Church has made Catholic Action binding on every bishop, priest and man in the pew who calls himself Roman Catholic.  Such is why we cannot go along with so many fellow traditionalists, priests and people, that conveniently avoid today’s struggle by using the inadmissible excuse that only Heaven’s direct intervention can deliver us from the present delirium.  Such wrongful thinking is completely unCatholic!  How could it be otherwise?  Consider, for example, the repeated call to arms of the pre-Vatican II popes;  consider our ordinary day-to-day duties of state; our common duties to altar, home and flag; and the heart-wrenching cries of Holy Mother Church – ruthlessly attacked from without and within – to her valiant sons to come to her aid – all of which necessitate continuous self-sacrifice, good works and long labor as well as prayer, devotion, penance, reparation… faith, hope and charity converted into action – virtuous and disciplined action; courageous and concerted action; militant Catholic Action“The call of the moment is not for lamentation but action…” (Pius XII, Christmas message, 1942). “It is the hour for action, for the most urgent action” (Pius XII, Allocution Diun Santo Fremito, 18 Feb. 1958).  “Every Christian must contribute to the great work of…clearing away the darkness of evil…The task of Catholic Action is more urgent and more important than ever” (Pius XII, Allocution to the Children of Mary of the Sacred Heart, 11 April, 1957)."

In Jesus Christ our King and Blessed Virgin Mary our Queen,
Hugh Akins, League President

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