Pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world!

Pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fatima & The Great Conspiracy

     I think the book, "Fatima and The Great Conspiracy" by Deirdre Manifold is one of the most important books that Catholics and even non-catholics should read today.  I have the updated version which is full of facts that you need to know about Fatima and the history behind certain world events.  The book can be read here.    My free book giveaway is available only for those who live in the United States.  The giveaway contest of one book starts today.  Just reply to this blog post telling me why you would like to receive this free book and I will pick one winner on 30 September 2010. 
"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."
Franklin D. Roosevelt 


Marianna said...

Sounds like it would be an interesting read even though I'm not catholic!
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ShadZ said...

If you say it is an important book, then I'd better read it!

shadz (at) rocketmail_dot_com said...

I'm thinking that between "The Secret Still Hidden"; "Fatima in Twilight"; & "The Whole Truth About Fatima" (V. III) it's possible to get a fair idea of the as-yet unrevealed part of the Third Secret.
Why then would "Fatima & the Great Conspiracy" be a recommended, or desirable, or even necessary read? Because despite being published much earlier than the first two listed above, this book seems uniformly to be strongly recommended even now, and that makes it high on my want list.

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of this book. I am a junior high teacher in a Catholic school, and it is important for me to be up to date and informed on as much of the Faith as I can learn. I want to pass on our rich Catholic Faith to my students. Thank you for your consideration!

janderson (at) saint-bridget DOT com

Anonymous said...

I would really love to read this book. I love Our Lady of Fatima and because I have been able to keep her message and warnings close to my heart, I can say that I truly see the signs in these times.

The biggest conspiracy in my opinion is the fact that so many people don't realize Our Lady was wronged by the withholding of the 3rd secret. And, when the supposed secret was released so many were satisfied with the revelation and have not questioned how it can be that the church held such an anticlimactic secret for 40 years. It simply means that there is more.

Furthermore, when one delves into the story of Fatima, there is an understanding of the depth of control the Freemasons have over what has been glossed over as simple culture wars by those who simply do not believe in supernatural occurrences or the existence of real evil, they will really be forced to take action against the evil.

The fact that we have statism is also a contributing factor. The revolutions that occurred starting with Martin Luther did not just end there. It gave birth to the Masonic Enlightenment era which marked bloody revolutions for France, Mexico, Spain, Russia and caused a massive social upheaval in society.

Monarchism, although not perfect, is what the Church ought to realize as our ticket back to sanity.

But of course to get there, we have to pray and offer sacrifices. It is the only way to take back what belongs to God.


Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Fatima had mentioned that She will appear a seventh time, which I never knew before last week.

Does any know if this has been fulfilled? There is some debate, even brought up by a traditionalist website.

Anonymous said...

I think it's still debated in catholic circles. I myself do not know the answer. I have run across these lately and hope it helps.

This author indicates Our Lady has not returned a 7th time.

Fr. Gruner states Our Lady's 6 visits but does not mention a 7th appearance.
John Paul II, the Pope Who Understood Fatima

"An often-overlooked historical fact of Fátima is the announcement of Our Lady’s seventh coming: “Afterwards I shall still return here a seventh time.” ("Despois voltarei ainda aqui uma setima vez.”) During 1917, Our Lady publicly appeared to the children six times, from May 13th to October 13th. During her first visit, Our Lady said to Lucia: “I want you to come here for six consecutive months, on the thirteenth day at the same time. Afterwards I shall still return here a seventh time.” Curiously, this phrase was not included in the earlier reports about the events because it was only revealed by Sister Lucia in obedience to the bishop, in her fourth written memoir.

A key term in Our Lady’s announcement is the word “here”. Many have interpreted Our Lady’s seventh visit as being the one that took place on December 10th of 1925, when Our Lady appeared to sister Lucia and asked for the sacramental reparation of Confession and Holy Communion on First Saturdays. That, however, took place in the convent of Pontevedra, Spain, not in Fátima. Others hold that it was Our Lady’s apparition of June 13th, 1929, to Sister Lucia in which she asked the Pope and bishops of the world for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Again, this took place in the Dorothean Convent of Tuy, a Spanish town on the border with Portugal. Neither of these apparitions seem to fulfill Our Lady’s statement, “I shall still return here,” which implies a return to the Cove in Fátima.

A footnote added to “Sister Lucia’s Memoirs” suggests that this predicted Seventh time might have taken place on the morning of June 16th, 1921, when Sister Lucia went back to the Cove to bid farewell to Fátima in her way to the convent. This would have been one more of the many personal visits of Our Lady to Sister Lucia. However, this theory seems contradicted by Sister’s Lucia’s words in her manuscripts from her Spanish convent. “After six years of real trial (since 1917) it was on this day, August 26, 1923, that the Virgin Mary first visited me again.” According to this, Our Lady did not appear to her at the Cove in 1921. As to whether the seventh apparition at the Cove foretold by Our Lady took place during Sister Lucia’s lifetime or not, she never announced it. One can only wonder, why did Our Lady prophesy this seventh apparition so solemnly?... Although the faithful have always assumed that Our Lady meant a seventh apparition to Sister Lucia, Our Lady’s actual words, “I shall return here”, never specified that such a visit would be a personal apparition to Sister Lucia. This prophesied “Seventh visit” continues to remain in the amazing mystery of Fátima."

Taken from "John Paul II, the Pope Who Understood Fatima" I found it here:

Anonymous said...

It is worth wondering, why would Our Lady invite the children to come to the Cove for only “six consecutive months” when She obviously intended to visit it seven times? Could this seventh time be connected with her promised triumph of her Immaculate Heart?

Anonymous said...

I Have read "John Paul II, The Pope Who Understood Fátima" It is an amazing book filled with pictures and fascinating little facts about the Fatima event that have not been previously covered by other books on the subject. EWTN has it for sale in their catalogue: