Pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world!

Pray the Rosary every day in order to obtain peace for the world!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Generalisimo Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco, statement (18th July, 1938)

"Our fight is a crusade in which Europe's fate is at stake. That is why since the beginning Russia has taken her place unconditionally on the side of the Spanish Republic by sending tanks and a thousand war-planes, and by mobilizing the undesirables of all Europe to fight for the Red Army. Our triumph is immense, in spite of the difficulties of the enterprise. No difficulties have prevented the rescue of over three million Spaniards from Red barbarism during the second triumphal year.
I beg your affectionate remembrance of our brothers who are suffering from the effects of lawlessness in the Red zone, and your prayers for the martyrs of our cause. I pay tribute to those who have fallen far from their own countries - the natives, the volunteers, the legionaries who left their home to enroll in the forces of the crusade and to demonstrate in Spain the fullness of their countries' identification with the cause of firmness and friendship professed by them towards Spain.
The Reds assassinated over 70,000 in Madrid, 20,000 in Valencia, 54,000 in Barcelona. Such crimes are the work of the Comintern and its agents Rosenberg, Marti, Negrin, Del Vayo - all servants of Soviet Russia.
Spaniards have a duty to remember that Christian charity is boundless for the deluded and the repentant but they must observe the dictates of prudence and not allow the infiltration of the recalcitrant enemies of Spain. Those proceeding from a politically infested area must undergo quarantine to avoid the contamination of the community.
I denounce the new Red campaigns of those posing as defenders of Spanish independence against foreign invasion. The foreign invasion came through the Catalan frontier, whence entered the undesirables who sacked and destroyed Spanish towns and villages, looted banks, destroyed homes, and stole our patrimony of art.
The Reds who pursued these treacherous tactics in the Nationalist rear, in attempting to destroy our unity, will continue these tactics after the war, when our vigilance and our care for the purity of our creed must increase. The Nationalist movement has ousted the old political intrigues and is guiding the nation to greatness and prosperity.
Spain was great when she had a State Executive with a missionary character. Her ideals decayed when a serious leader was replaced by assemblies of irresponsible men, adopting foreign thought and manners. The nation needs unity to face modem problems, particularly in Spain after the severest trial of her history.
Separatism and class war must be abolished and justice and education must be imposed. The new leaders must be characterized by austerity, morality, and industry.
Spaniards must adopt the military and religious virtues of discipline and austerity. All elements of discord must be removed."

Taken from:

Defending Franco:

(Many pictures, including Franco at Mass).

Pro-Franco Book (Best Seller in Spain):

Hitler stopped by Franco:

I also highly recommend Dr. Chojnowski's series on General Franco. Reprints are available at Catholic Family News. There are eight titles:

1) The Rising: Franco and the Battle for Catholic Spain
2) Franco's Command: The War Begins
3) Franco Fascist? The Spanish Cruzada (1936-1939)
4) Franco Stopped Hitler
5) Franco in America's Embrace
6) Franco Betrayed: The Opus Dei Connection
7) Franco: The Last Conquistador, 1975
8) Even the Ruins Perished: Red Revisionism and Franco, 2009

498 Spanish Civil War Martyrs Beatified:


Anonymous said...

I'm actually glad to see some sympathetic portrayals of Franco. I generally belong to the sceptical school of thought given the state of modern education. If modern academia universally considers a man devoid of redeeming character, that, to my mind, warrants my giving his life a closer inspection. In the case of El Caudillo, that inspection has taught me that Franco was a wise moderate, who ended the national bloodletting by taking the extraordinary step of destroying communism and anarchism. At the same time, his firm hand kept together what could only ever be considered a fractious and uneasy coalition of National-Syndicalists, Falangists and Carlist-Traditionalists, each of whom was ready and willing to turn their guns on each other were it not for Franco's centralizing character. Personally, he rarely displayed bouts of distemper, listened dispassionately to all his advisors before making decisions and, above all, attended Mass daily. If that's a dictator, may God bless us with such a one! Also, if you haven't already, please mention something about Antonio de Oliveira Salazar of Portugal and Gabriel Garcia Moreno of Ecuador.

Anonymous said...

How can you call this guy a HERO? He was a mass murderer who killed hundreds of his own people?!? Gee if that's our hero I'd like to see who your villians are!!! - from a fellow Catholic...

dolorosa said...

I suggest you watch this video as he, indeed, was a hero for the faith. I would also contact
Catholic Family News and get a copy of their excellent article on
General Franco. Don't believe the lies of the controlled media who is anti-catholic.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that this man not only fought Communism, wich is good, because Communism is but an excuse for a brutal regimen. He was also a racist mass-murderer, who killed children and sold them to other countries. Many parents never saw their children again. He did not only do it to communists. He did to negroes, gipsies, jews, and others. He would keep children in filthy cells until they were sold or died. Its a shame that this man is considered a Catholic Hero and this is only one of the many reasons I am no longer a Catholic or even a Christian. If God likes these EVIL people like Franco and SAINT Josemaria Escriva so God is evil too, why trust him then?

dolorosa said...

Oh really, I noticed you didn't provide any evidence to back up your terrible accusations. Where
is the proof? I don't believe it.
If you have no proof you should
be ashamed of yourself and ask
God for forgiveness. If you have proof, please provide it.